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220 Mulock Dr Newmarket ON L3Y 9B7

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Limestone Motor Cars

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

Such a great Dealership. So helpful, new honda 2006 is sweet!

November 29, 2017

Small Dealership and no sales pressure. Welcoming, they do answer your phone calls not like so many of the other dealers I tried to work with. I live in Keswick and had no way to get to them. So they sent a great buy to pick me up and bring me back. You just don't see that kind of courtesy any more. Love my car, she's a beaut. So Rob, Keith and their team I say thank you for all your advice and kindness. sincerely L. Chappell


Limestone Motor Cars responded on November 29, 2017

Thank you Liz, we appreciate you business and your kind words Rob

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

Large selection of cars to look at....Limestone Motors offers high standard of customer service.

November 15, 2017

It was a stress free, very pleasant experience dealing with Limestone Motors. They worked with me within my budget. They went over and above to help purchasing a car an easy transition. They honored everything they said they would. Their level of customer service is like none I have experience in the past. They called after to see how my vehicle was and if I was satisfied. I will be telling everyone to deal with Limestone Motors to purchase their next car. I will be buying my next car off them again. Thank you Limestone Motors again for you great service. Sincerely, B. Allen

Written By: BEVERLY

Limestone Motor Cars responded on November 15, 2017

Thank you so much Bev, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Rob

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

Purchase of vehicle

October 14, 2017

My husband and I recently purchase a Ford Focus from Limestone Motor Cars in Newmarket. We found a large selection of cars to choose from. Rob our sales associate was professional, respectful of my husband and I as we are seniors and maybe did not hear everything he was explaining. He took the time we needed. We never felt pressured into making a purchase. May I mention we walked off if all used car lots if the price was not in the window. We are not interested in sales people sizing us up as to how much they think we could pay for a vehicle. We would highly recommend Limestone Motor Cars.

Written By: JOHN

Limestone Motor Cars responded on October 14, 2017

Thank you so much for those kind words,it was a pleasure dealing with you both. Rob

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

Excellent Experience Purchasing Three Cars

August 29, 2017

I met Frank and Rob 3-4 years ago when we purchased a Honda Civic for my daughter. We returned a few months later with my second daughter and together purchased a Mazda 3. Our experience was wonderful, absolutely no sales pressure, they made us feel like family, walked through the cars with my daughters, features and car fax report. Both these vehicles are excellent with no issues. I was so pleased with both cars, I referred a colleague to their web site when I saw an older BMW Z4 in mint condition. Frank had to travel to find it, but this car looks and drives like new with very little mileage. I quickly drove to their shop and test drove the car. Another like new vehicle, I had to have it and bought it, no haggling necessary. I have driven this car all summer with no issues. A total of three vehicles, all great and no sales pressure! Their pricing is excellent and typically below the competition. They have proven to me that they pick up good solid used vehicles and want the purchaser to be happy. I wouldn't shop anywhere else and I will return again. Thank you Frank and Rob! Shawn Bonneville

Written By: SHAWN

Limestone Motor Cars responded on August 29, 2017

Thank you so much Shawn, We really appreciate your business and those kind words. Rob

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

I am very happy with my new car and how Frank and Rob worked with me to make the deal. Win - Win !!

August 18, 2017

I enjoyed my experience interacting with Frank and Rob, both are gentlemen who I think are as fair as possible in negotiating your trade in and pricing their car for sale. This of course within reason as they are in business to make a profit and sell cars. With no pressure they worked with me to find the right car and right deal to make me a very happy Customer. I will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

Written By: ANDREW

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

2009 Subaru Forester Limited

August 12, 2017

I arrived at Limestone Motor Cars in a 17 year old Subaru Legacy wagon to test drive a 2009 Subaru Forester. By all indications, I wasn't a wealthy customer. Nevertheless, I was treated with great respect by owner Frank. I wasn't pressured, given the run around or treated with condescension because I was a woman, which I had experienced recently at another dealership. Frank went over the car with me in detail and allowed me to drive it to my mechanic in Toronto that afternoon for a check over. When it came to negotiating the price, again Frank was upfront, respectful and flexible about adjusting the price for certification and additional repairs. He went through all the paperwork in meticulous detail so I felt there was nothing to hide. I can say it was an un-stressful, almost pleasant experience as far as buying a car from a used car dealer goes! I would certainly recommend Limestone Motor Cars to anyone considering a used car but specifically to those who are looking for a different buying experience than what one usually encounters at a used car dealership. Thanks, Frank. Love the car!

Written By: JANE

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

Great experience for buying my first car

August 08, 2017

The gentlemen at Limestone Motor Cars were very helpful and accommodating, and understood my needs. They provided updates along every step of the way, and kept an accurate and reasonable timeline for when the car would be ready for pick up. Very happy with the great customer service, and I can definitely recommend Limestone Motor Cars to anyone looking to buy a used vehicle!


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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars
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Fabulous purchase!

July 14, 2017

In April I purchased my dream car from Ron at Limestone Motors. A Mercedes Convertible 320 CLK. Ron was a fabulous salesman to deal with. After I hounded him with 2 phone calls and an email on Good Friday after seeing the Mercedes posting on Kijiji and his site he called me from his home. Obviously aware I really wanted that car! We met the following morning and Ron was not pushy and answered all our questions. Very laid back guy. After we took the car out for a spin we noticed the passenger seat motor was not working. We told Ron and he had it repaired. This was not something that had to be done for the safety, but was excellent customer service!! Ron had the whole history of the car and service records. All met our expectations. I highly recommend Limestone Motors to anyone wanting to purchase a used vehicle. When it is time for another vehicle we will be back, but the Mercedes is a keeper she stays with me!! Thank you Ron and Limestone Motors for trustworthy excellent service!!

Written By: Debbie

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars

No stress purchase

June 30, 2017

Needed a new car after an accident. I saw the Camery on the website and decided to purchase it. I only had the rental for 3 days and they had the car road ready in time for me to return the rental. This was totally stress free and the best experience I have ever had buying a vehicle. Well done Limestone Motors!

Written By: MARK

Limestone Motor Cars responded on July 01, 2017

Thanks Mark for the great review, we really appreciate your business Rob

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Limestone Motor Cars Limestone Motor Cars
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My Second Car From Limestone In So Many Months - That Says It All! Great Dealership!

June 07, 2017

This is the second car I have purchased from Limestone Motor Cars within the past two months. That probably says everything you need to know and I can probably end the review here, but here's some context behind this purchase. I was not planning on replacing my second car so soon, but after my first experience with Limestone, I started perusing their website once a week or so to see what they had available. I am the type of person who, when finding a great business, I will stick with them and support them long-term. As it turns out, within this timeframe, I found out that I was going to be losing my job after 20 years, and as such, I had to be prepared that my next commute would be further than 10 minutes. As such, I needed a sedan in additional to my SUV, instead of two SUVs, which I had. So I started to look for a small family sedan. Well, in late April, a really nice BMW sedan showed up on the Limestone website. I contacted Rob, and he invited me down for a test drive, after sending me the CarProof report to review. As with before, I was warmly greeted by Rob, who is really down to earth and honest. At the same time, another BMW had come in, this one a couple of years older and more kilometers on it but I had a chance to check it out while I was there (he has also provided the CarProof for me as well). I also had quite a bit of latitude with the test drive with the newer BMW, as I drove it unaccompanied by anyone in order to for me to have a chance to check out the car in its entirety - and I spent close to 50 minutes on the test drive. This is probably one of the best things about Limestone - they really believe in the cars that they sell so much that there is nothing to hide, and as such - they give the customer flexibility to inspect and drive the car themselves as they see fit. I have almost always driven Japanese cars, so this was my first German car that I was seriously considering. After the very lengthy test drive, I really enjoyed the car (I even still have dashcam videos I took of myself on the test drive), but wanted some time to think things over since I am not one to make snap decisions. I also wanted to think about some other makes/models to consider. I think Rob sensed that I hoping to get some other options and on a Saturday, he contacted me indicating another BMW had come in that day, this one was a couple of years older but had similar mileage - and he sent me the CarProof on it. He invited me down for a test drive. In the meantime, I was also considering a Camry (my Dad was highly recommending them) and it happened that Limestone also had a Camry in stock. So I was able to test drive both the following week, with no pressure and under no obligation. I really liked that older BMW as well as the Camry, but it didn't have navigation and bluetooth audio like the first BMW that I test drove (which I really, really still liked). I know many people don't care about the technology aspects of a car, but I am one of those people who love technology and the first BMW had it all. Pondering it some more, I decided to purchase the first BMW. It truly was not a hard choice since that vehicle was always in the back of my mind after that initial test drive. It has been a great decision and a fantastic purchase. This time, during the process, I had an opportunity to meet Frank, the owner, as well, and just like Rob, he was professional and friendly, and kept me completely up to date with regards to the certification process (regular phone call updates on status, etc. - it was awesome and I really felt like they had a vested interest in ensuring my total satisfaction). They put in new brakes and rotors, and gave me two brand new tires as well. Further, they re-detailed it for me on pickukp. My Dad, who drive me to pick up the car, swears it is newer than it is. That's the kind of quality cars Limestone has. I really felt great about this purchase, as I did the previous one. I picked up the car last week and it is a dream to drive. In going to church, the kids and I took a longer route, since they all love the car. It has been a great addition to our family and now look forward to my work commute and in small measure, hope my next job will be further away since this car has been an absolute pleasure to drive as my daily work car so far. One of the best things about Limestone is the availability of some history of the car - in my case, I got a LOT of helpful information that helped me in my decision to make the purchase. As a prospective car buyer, you should never underestimate this factor, or take it for granted. Knowing how the previous owner took care of a car, where it was maintained, and how it was maintained should be a prime factor for anyone buying a used car, since you, as the buyer, will directly reap the benefits of a well-maintained vehicle. Frank also gave me an extra perk/bonus as a thank you for being a repeat customer, which I was not expecting, but it was much appreciated. Honestly, Frank and Rob are just old fashioned good guys with integrity, plain and simple. I don't plan on buying any more cars in the forseeable future, since I am good now for the years to come with my Limestone cars that I bought this year, but if/when I do need a new car, or know someone who does, I will have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Limestone Motor Cars for your first or next vehicle. Believe me, you will find your car buying experience pleasantly informative, and most importantly, enjoyable. -Jeremy

Written By: Jeremy

Limestone Motor Cars responded on June 08, 2017

Hi Jeremy Thanks for another amazing review. You were a total pleasure to deal with. Thank you again for your business Rob

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