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Why choose the suite?

Dealers need to focus on digital retailing tools that solve specific pain points that a consumer encounters along their research journey. The dealer that delivers the most value to a consumer is the dealer that will get the lead form filled. This enables dealers to start the process of bringing consumers into the dealership.

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Long gone are the days of consumers filling in lead forms that don't deliver them any value. Google has made us a society that expects to have the answers to our questions within seconds. The automotive suite provides you with the tools necessary to get your website to generate more high quality, high converting leads. And the best part? You spend less than if you were to buy each of our products individually, meaning you spend less to make more.

What is the Automotive Suite?

As Canadian car shoppers move along their research journey, they need to solve the pain around uncertainty in the car buying process. The automotive suite is a set of value for value digital retailing tools that help solve these pain points, allowing the dealer and consumer to start a WIN-WIN sales relationship.